heteropolar city - 200/200cm

heteropolar city

concave walls 100 x 100cm

concave walls
100 x 100cm

quality management


local government wittenberg


local government wittenberg

our individual-related architectural office permanently updates and develops its existing quality management.

the system has explicit rules according process steps, filing, information and data exchange. the structured planning and design process is supported by cyclic audits and monitoring. the whole workflow is documented in written form in handbooks.

starting from project kickoff linear controlling processes are applied to all appropriate measures, for example cost and deadline monitoring. these controlling features provide the ability to respond to unanticipated deviations and to forecast intended schedule tolerances.

these clarified internal rules enable us to cooperate with partners in a safe and goal oriented way as much as giving us the opportunity to improve continuously.

in order to excel at our tasks the whole staff regularly participates in continuing education.