black wall, 100/100 cm, 1998

black wall
100/100 cm, 1998

frankie II, ny - 100/100 cm, 1996

frankie II, ny
100/100 cm, 1996

green house, 80 x 80 cm, 2006

green house
80 x 80 cm, 2006

moeller architekten bda - profile


interior view studio building


exterior view studio building


exterior view studio building


floor plan studio building

“in all tasks given to us i tried to develop the constructional body and the space inside the space. in order to fulfil this task i have to search for design concepts within the given task, within their materials and within the playful vagaries of the lighting”

- charly moeller

the studio of architecture, design and art was founded in 1986. i understand my work as a permanent process of learning, developing and restructuring until a quality execution and detailed solution are given as a result. individual and skilful supervision whilst planning and executing is the main goal in order to satisfy the contracting clients. during the performance of the tasks the main focus is on meeting formal, timeline and cost efficient requirements for the coordination in order to fulfil effectively all planning and execution tasks of the project using computer aided planning and cost controlling the studio realizes projects for private and public clients in order to respond individually to all of their specifications.

scope of activities

  • planning and construction supervision
  • project development
  • expert’s reports / project studies / site analysis
  • preservation of monuments and historic buildings (buildings, cities, landscape)
  • super national construction / cooperation with international partners
  • energy-saving planning
  • competition preparation and competition participation of all kind
  • provide energy passes (introduced in 2006)
  • facility management

emphasised tasks

  • domestic construction
  • office buildings (industrial, commercial, public service)
  • buildings for medical and social facilities
  • buildings for cultural, sportive and recreational purposes
  • public service buildings and infrastructure
  • municipal construction
  • furniture and object design
  • exhibitions “architecture, art and design”

the following authorship applies to the objects shown on this web site:
created during june 1993 to december 2002, architektur-, innenarchitektur- und staedtebauatelier "moeller and wald", architekt franz-karl "charly" moeller, elmar wald and architekt onderka, created during january 2003 to september 2005, omw gmbh, onderka-moeller-wald architekten bda.
for further details please refer to the reference list.